Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day Light Savings Time

Fourtuitously for me, Day Light Savings Time coincided nicely with Saturday's trip to Montreal (the second trip to Montreal - it is so close, and so Francophone).  A long day of museum-going and wandering through the downtown area was nicely off-set by that extra hour of 'fall-back'.  An hour that I definitely threw to the wind Tuesday night watching the election.

The downside of Day Light Savings Time is that by the time I leave the Gallery, the sun has already set.  And it's only November.  

Look how long those shadows are!  And this photo was taken at noon, outside in the park across from the Gallery!


Hye-Sung attempts to invite one of the large and fluffy back squirrels to have lunch with us.  She even offered it a bit of her sandwich.  The squirrel did not join us.  Typical.

This is Parliament.  For real.  Glaring setting sun!

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DPLK said...

Jess, you need to watch the post-election episode of South Park...

You will love it. Additionally so because Kyle's canadian baby brother ends up playing an important role in the events that ensue.

It's all a plot! The whole election!