Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Problem with Teleportation

Flatmate Steve has introduced me to my New Favorite Show (TM) [TV], since TV no longer has shows about archaeology and/or medical oddities.  So I guess, really, this is my only favorite TV show, since I can't stay up late enough to watch the Daily Show/Colbert Report because of this eye twitch thing.

(My eye has been twitching sporadically throughout the day, every day, since I moved to Canada.  It may be a lack of sleep, or stress, or maybe Canada is just trying to make me go crazy.  But either way, I'm trying to sleep more so that it will stop.)

Anyway, the New Favorite Show (TM) is the Big Bang Theory - where geeky scientists are the main characters.  Sounds like the family.  

Welcome, Gravity-Aware Metric-English-Converting Astronaut Twins!  


Lea said...

Jessie, Michael and I LOVE this show! Every week it makes me laugh so, so hard! I think you have to have close contact with real geeks and nerds to really appreciate it, but, it is truly genius. Sheldon rocks.

Ynn said...

You are right-sometimes it's like have dinner with your Dad and Frank or Frank and either M or D. I've sat through dinner conversations about steam (of course), the laws of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, vectors, and who knows what else. But, there's nothing like a good geek. My advice to all young women-find your geek and you'll never be sorry!

DPLK said...

Y'know, the previous night's Daily Show and Colbert Report are rerun at 8 pm and 8:30 pm on Comedy Central, respectively--I end up watching that time slot more than the later one, because I cannot stay up that late on normal days either....

Also! I recently discovered that Daily Show Marathon Saturday Mornings!! I think it's like 10am to 12 or something, but I don't think I've been this excited for Saturday mornings since I was a kid!

Hope your eye tic thing goes away soon!

Jessica said...

Hanging with the Timmy is more like trying to read a chemistry text written in Linear A.

And who doesn't love steam?

Sadly Daily Show/Colbert Report schedules in Canada don't mesh-up with the American schedules. But happily, I have found where I can watch online!

DPLK said...

Jess! Stephen Colbert gave a wag of his finger to Jane Austen for mentioning baseball in one of her novels, causing some modern British person to claim that baseball is actually British in origin... he then went on to claim that Austen's version was very different, and talked about baseball in "Jane Austen" style and more!! It was so hilarious, you need to watch this week's Thursday episode!!!