Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rahm Emanuel: Let's See Another Pirouette Please!

Our soon to be Obama Administration Chief of Staff.  And former ballet dancer.

I don't think this is a real photo, but he really was a ballet dancer.  Apparently he got a scholarship for dancing...  Any way, a spokesperson for the American Ballet Theater commented that, "We're very proud to know Mr. Emanuel was a dancer... in a small way, he's put ballet on the world stage."

Mikhail Barishnikov.  Just because.


Ynn said...

There never needs to be a reason to watch Barysnikov - you just watch because he's dancing. He was so beautiful-I imagine he still is, but I don't think he's dancing anymore, is he? I did not know that about Emmanuelson. Bringing the ARTS to America! That's a change right there.

Ynn said...

Oops! Emmanuel.

Lea said...

That pictures is hilarious. I am also pretty sure it's not real, but it's really funny!! Can you see Rahm pirouetting in the Oval Office?

Anonymous said...

Well I would have never guessed that Rahm was a former ballet dancer. How about that! A great piece of trivia.