Sunday, February 8, 2009

Snowshoeing with Supervisor Greg

Supervisor Greg (who is my supervisor at the ThinkTank) invited Hye-Sung and I to go snowshoeing around where he and his family are building a cottage.  Cottages are apparently really popular with Canadians, as is spending the majority of your childhood summers at a camp.

Old-timey snowshoes are the tennis-racket-like ones.  Modern snowshoes are much smaller and have metal teeth on the bottom so that you can clamber up onto piles of snow and whatnot.  The area where you put your foot pivots, and you just strap said snowshoes onto your boots and be on your way.  Here I am, modeling them.  And some sweet swishy waterproof pants that Supervisor Greg lent to Hye-Sung and I.

Hye-Sung models a different model of snowshoe.

Supervisor Greg putting his snowshoes on: he had to help us with ours, since neither of us had ever really seen them before.

Traipsing out onto the frozen lake.  As Hye-Sung said, "Like Napoleon - this way!  Maybe not..."

It's really easy to just topple over.  Especially if, like me, you walk with a turn-out to your feet.  Then you end up tripping yourself on your own snowshoes.  I can't even imagine doing it with the old-timey tennis racket ones.

Supervisor Greg.  I think he got picture of both Hye-Sung and I fallen down in the snow.  We all were laughing really hard.

A good time was had by all.


Mary Ann said...

My sister who is currently in New Hampshire also went snowshoeing for the first time. She really liked it but did slip a few times. I guess it is very popular in your part of the world.
I was recently in an Ll.Bean store that just opened near Pitts. and they had some really cool looking snowshoes in bright colors.
That is the extent of my knowledge of snowshoeing.

Mum said...

It looks like you are becoming quite the winter sports enthusiast! Good for you. It sounds like a fun weekend. I bet you will be sore on Monday though.

Ynn said...

D actually has snowshoes here and used them when he was younger. Frank has used them several times to take corn to the deer. We "feed the kids" - about 12 deer. This year though Frank used the snowblower and made a path to the deer.

Michael said...

Now that you've gone skating and snowshoeing you'll have to try curling. I can't recommend it strongly enough.