Saturday, February 28, 2009

Le Moulin de Provence

On Saturdays, when the temperature is not thirty-billion degrees below freezing, I like to wander around the Byward Market area of Ottawa, going into the food specialty stores and buying one or two items at each place.  Today I bought mustard from the Euro-grocery and croissants at the bakery and sun-dried tomatoes at the Italian grocery: it is as though I am a bee, bumbling from flower to flower.

I was mildly scoping the storefronts out to see if there was any Canada Loves Obama stuff when I suddenly decided to go buy a croissant at Le Moulin de Provence.  Hye-Sung does not like this bakery compared to whatever in Paris but, as I'm still cruising on my wave of disfavor of all things France-related (see North American Scum), I care naught for what she thinks.

I laughed aloud when I saw this on the door of the bakery, not realizing the madness within.

The bakery was very busy.  Most of the people in this line want to buy Obama Cookies.

Part of the interior display.  Not pictured are the large photographs of Obama with the bakery staff and action shots of him purchasing the red maple-leaf cookies reading, 'CANADA.'  I kind of want one of those posters saying, Obama cookies sold here.

There were at least five people photographing the cookie/poster display at the same time that I was.  I asked one friendly-looking woman if I could photograph her photographing the cookies, but she misunderstood me and we ended up photographing each other next to part of the Obama Cookie display.

I did not opt for the Obama cookie.


Ynn said...

I am disappointed with the Obama cookies-I was imagining maple flavored cookies made with real Canadian maple syrup, perhaps with maple sugar frosting. I love maple cookies. I'd have gone for the croissant too, especially if there was peach jam.

Mum said...

I too am suprised at the Obama Maple cookies. I was remembering the little maple leaf shapeed cookes with maple flavor icing inside two pressed maple leaf shaped hard cookies.