Saturday, February 21, 2009

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

So on the same day that I felt like the most extraordinary (and not in a good way) provincial thanks to the French conservation students, we visited the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  It was small but it had some interesting things, mainly in the form of Canadian painting.  As far as I am concerned, there were far too many paintings from every one of the French stylistic periods that I hate.  Not enough Early Italian/Golden Age Dutch/Colonial-Era Folk-Art Canadian.  Realization: artistic works that are either very realistic or highly stylized appeal to me.

I do enjoy decorative arts though.   

Excepting modern furniture, which I usually just hate.  If the chairs don't look good for sitting with book and teacup, I'm not interested.  

This turquoise odd-ball, however, passes the teacup-book test (something that should probably be official, somehow).

This is a portion of a large installation.  It's glass.

The Inuit art gallery was excellent, all glass and blue light.


Mum said...

I believe the turquoise chair is something right out of Alice in Wonderland. It looks a bit like the Mad Hatter should be sitting in it.

Ynn said...

I love the turquoise chair. Since I have always hated "Alice", I shall not make that comparison, but I like ie. The seat looks a bit small for curling up. I like the glass installation-it looks like trees after an ice storm and Inuit art has fascinated me for some time. It always seemed to me to emphasize the importance of are, that people (historically) living so close to the edge of survival would take so much time to create such beauty.