Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

For my first experiments cooking something involving yeast (at one point, I thought I killed it, or whatever, but it clearly turned out completely fine), I made a king cake - for Fat Tuesday and in honor of Lenora and because the Canadians at the ThinkTank had asked me about special American foodstuffs and I was like, "Uh..."  So I took the cake to work and was like, "King Cake!  Mardi gras!  New Orleans!"  And the Canadians were suitably impressed!


Ynn said...

Congratulations on your first yeasty success! It looks delicious. Frank and I had pancakes and sausages tonight for dinner to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

Mary Ann said...

Your King Cake looks great. One of the ladies that I used to teach with always made one for "Fat Tuesday" and shared it with us. It was delicious.