Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama Visits Canada, and Canada Rejoices

As we all know, Obama visited Ottawa for a couple hours today, and Canada could not have been happier!  I'm hoping that they've made a bunch of Canada-loves-Obama swag that I can snatch up over the weekend.

They spent weeks preparing!  The American flags were removed from storage and fluffed:

They made special graphics for their news networks:

They also removed all of the garbage cans and newspaper stands along the multiple possible routes the Obama-caravan might take from the airport to Parliament.  They also welded shut all of the manholes along those roads.  When the Canucks mean business, they mean it.

Luckily for Obama, it's been snowing for the last 24 hours, so he got a nice stereotypical Canadian arrival.  Mounties included.  Every time I cross the border I get an official greeting from a few dozen Mounties.

Obama met with the current Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  I wonder if they spoke about how Canadians love Obama way more than they love Harper (with whom they seem to feel nothing but apathy) and how Harper can get some of that love for himself.

To me, Harper looks like he is pretend.

I can't decide exactly who Harper is copying with his hairstyle, but I'm leaning toward the Lego Man.

I totally wanted to take the day and Obama-fangirl, but no-go.  And how I mildly rue that my time at the Gallery is over...  Guess who stopped at the bakery Le Moulin de Provence a couple blocks from the Gallery to buy his daughters maple cookies before jetting back to DC?  Guess who also likes to buy croissants at said bakery, and who could have casually run into the cookie buyer?  That's right.


Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the review of Pres. Obama's trip to Canada! That was better than CNN. They had a "Canada Quiz" this morning on the Today Show and I got 100% thanks to you. The one answer that stumped everyone was "Beaver Tails" and of course, I knew it. Too bad that you were unable to see the President, but still exciting to know that he was there. I doubt whether he is coming to Brookville anytime soon.

Ynn said...

How exciting! It's like 6degrees of Kevin Bacon. I know someone who buys croissants at the same bakery Barak Obama buys maple cookies when in Canada. I don't know, dearest girl, I might have to have blown off work and been fan-girl and I don't often say that.

Mum said...

On the Prime Minister Harper question- I vote for Leggo Man's hair and Ken's vacant blue eyes.