Monday, February 9, 2009

Manifestation, alternately titled, How I Lost Those Christmas Pounds and the Tips of My Fingers/Toes

After fifty-ones days of manifestating, the OCTranspo people are off the picket line and back behind their bus wheels.  I think that once Parliament was back in session they forced the transit workers to settle down and get back to work (any issues as yet unresolved go to the mediator, and what the mediator says is the way its going to be, suckers), but I could be dramatically wrong on that.  Being that I get my news about events in Canada from off-hand remarks made by co-workers, The Daily Show, and the French-language morning shows that come out of Quebec.  I don't know what they say during those morning shows, it just looks like a lot more fun than what they do on The Today Show.  One time on my favorite French show, Salut, Bonjour, they were eating bon-bons and drinking wine.  I don't know why, but it was definitely more fun that Meredith trying to get me to see the latest Tom Cruise crap film.

So the bus strike officially ended last Monday, but OCTranspo needed a week to get everything running again.  Because they apparently just left everything as a hot mess when they went out on strike.  This week has been the first week the buses have run since I can't even remember - early December?  So nice of them to arrange it not in the late summer or early fall, when it would have been pleasant to walk to and from the National Gallery, but in the worst of winter, when your own breath causes ice crystals to form inside your nose.

I'm not risking a bus ride yet.  Hye-Sung and I have decided that on Wednesday we will take the bus.  Depending on what we hear from the people at the ThinkTank who took one after work today.

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Mum said...

I would be looking for the line to get a money refunded on that bus pass that you bought in Sept. They planned this manifestation for the holiday season and the coldest most miserable weather month, so as to inconvenience the most people. That was simply nasty.