Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Have a Cubical?

So when I'm not working on the Medicine Hat Panorama, I have something which may seem like a cubical?  It has cubical walls, and a translucent window through which I can see the dark shape of Hye-Sung.  The windows on the other side look into the wooden artifacts lab.

Gillie-Bean is on my computer screen: that way everyone at the ThinkTank can hear me talk to the still photograph of the Lil' Bean.  Only saying, "Hello Gillie-Bean!"  In the voice of Percival, the Purple Seal.


Lea said...

I don't even think her Daddy has her on his computer screen (although that may be verboten at Bettis)!! She has changed so much! Her laugh is the best thing ever! I keep trying to get a little video of it, but no luck yet. Of course, her brother is also adorable and amazing!

Ynn said...

I have C&G on my computer screen at school and the screen saver is a slide show of the two most adorable babies ever. There are, of course, slides of all the other beloved people in my life. OK, I ocnfess most of those pictures are of them with C-man and Gillie-bean.

Michael said...

Do Canadian keyboards have a special "Eh" key?