Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sun Moon Lake

We did a morning car trip to the center of Taiwan, to visit Sun Moon Lake. Sun Moon Lake is the largest body of water in Taiwan, and the name comes from the shape of the lake. The eastern half is circular (like the sun) and the western half is somewhat crescent-shaped (like the moon).

Me and Liang.

Lena, their Dad and Mom, and Liang. Stare into the sun at Sun Moon Lake.

Leaving the lake, Liang's Dad decided to take the picturesque route. And so we drove around the entire perimeter of the lake. Like all lakes, Sun Moon Lake does not have perfectly straight sides. In America, no big deal, just move the earth, build some bridges, be a little further from the lakeside. Not so in Taiwan! That road followed every single little quirk of the lakeshore. All but Liang's Dad was at least a little car sick by the time we made it to a highway. And that is apparently as real as a Taiwanese road trip can get.

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Mum said...

It's nice to see the beautiful countryside away from the busy city streets.