Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eating Things with Faces

My first day in Taiwan we went to a fabulous seafood restaurant. The fish (or various parts of the fish) were all in red plastic ice-filled tubs. The larger fish were cut into chunks, which were put into individual ice-tubs. The tubs were then grouped together in kind of a fish-annex, a room semi-connected to the main part of the restaurant. Diners could stroll into the fish-annex and select whatever they wanted. It smelled a little fishy, but nothing bad.

Liang's dad picks out what's for lunch.

The dining options all had faces, so if you happen to be one of those people who can't eat things with faces, you'd be in a bit of a bind. Really though, if you have a problem eating things with faces, its probably best if you don't go to Taiwan at all.

This is only a portion of all the food that was ordered: clams, calamari, shrimp... Liang and Lena (Liang's sister) said that their dad has a bit of a problem when it comes to restaurants. He always orders way too much food!

Clearly I have no problems with faced-foods.


Mary Ann said...

I have no trouble with "faced-foods" either. The seafood looks wonderfully fresh! Mmmmm!

Mum said...

I like the seafood too but where is the middle of the fish? That's the part that I like.

Jessica said...

It is a little fish. There is no middle: that is the entire thing.