Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In Which I Use the Word "Anxious" Ten Thousand Times

Cordelia Cat is generally adjusting really well. I feel like we're at that stage of roommate-ness, where you're still figuring out each other's schedules and quirky habits.

Since her arrival in Philadelphia a little over a week ago, she has convinced me to purchase another chair (so she won't have to sit on the floor if I sit in a chair) and a lint roller. I go home from work at lunch time every day because 1) I can! and 2) to check on Cordie. I am an anxious cat owner. And she is a special needs cat, health-wise, and my awareness of her delicacy makes me more anxious. She is adapting really well, but she is stressed. She talks to me if I leave the room she is in, and she sounds anxious. She has also pulled out all the hair on one of her little knees. So she has a 0.5 cm or so bald spot on her leg. Mum feels that this is anxiety-related. I gave Cordie a gentle talking-to about it, but I'm not sure it had any effect on her.

I also a just above finished recovering from a massive summertime head cold, which hit me so hard I actually took a sick day off of work last Friday. I spent the day sleeping, then in the later afternoon ventured out for Nyquil and orange juice.

The new chair is Cordie-approved. See why I have a lint roller now?

My cat anxiety-levels are high, but under control at the moment - I am leaving for a week, and Coworker Katie and Emily of Bret&Em will drop by to keep an eye on Cordie for me. Coworker Katie visited this evening, and I think she and Cordie will get along nicely. Which is a huge relief for this anxious person!


DPLK said...

Aw, she looks absolutely relaxed. A real tell-tale sign of anxiety for cats is that they won't sleep out in the open--both my cats spent considerable time UNDER things the first couple weeks they were brought home, including to sleep. When we brought home Tigger, Tigger skulked from couch to couch as he tried to get himself oriented, and Kimchi was so stressed about him being there, she went into hiding too; ironically they both ended up hiding under the same couch! So the fact that Cordelia's not spending uber amounts of time under the couch, and that she's sleeping so soundly that you can take a picture of her sleeping (no small feat!), and her ears are up and forward (happy/relaxed) means that on some level she's happy and not too anxious =) But new environments always take a little time.

Mum said...

Cordie doesn't look anxious in this picture! It looks like she has the ability to relax. Keep in mind she has trouble locating kitty treats if they are placed out of her direct line of sight, so it's no surprise that she can't find you in a different room. We can't project our own deep thoughts into her little kitty head. She's adjusting in her own kitty time.

Lea said...

Awww, poor Cordy! I'm sure she'll settle soon. She's been through a lot lately!

Mary Ann said...

She doesn't look too anxious in that photo. Nice chair.