Monday, July 26, 2010


One of the fabulous things about Taiwan is the street food vendors. They're all along various and sundry streets. It's like the county fair is going on all the time!

This particular area of streetmeats was in Lugang, a city somewhat southwest of Taichung, with multiple historic buildings.

A variety of still-in-the-shell deep-fried sea creatures.

Buns, waiting to be steamed.

I think these were some sort of insect. Either way, they are categorized according to their degree of spicy. Which includes the classifications "Little Spicy" and"Big Spicy".

Grumpy lady making a sweet pastry treat.


DPLK said...

The left side signs on the insects say "medium spicy" and "no spicy" too, hehe. But I like that the one that says "big spicy" is a different color than the rest of them.

Mary Ann said...

Mmmmm! Insects! That's where I draw the line! Everything else looks yummy!

Mum said...

This looks like fun! It must have been amazing just walking down the street and checking out the different foods.