Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Night Market

My first night in Taiwan we went to the fantastic Fengjia Night Market. I only wish that I had been more awake. All sorts of things are sold at the night markets - food, clothes, eyeglasses, household goods, trinkets, etc - which extend from established storefronts to food stalls to more transient shops along a number of connecting streets, alleys, and shopping galleries.

Liang is pumped for the pepper-meat-ball (pepper-meat-ball also involves scallions and being wrapped up in a pastry).

Not the pepper-meat-ball, but a close second: egg scallion pancake thingy. (Rest assured, Liang will most likely have the real name and accurate contents for this on her own blog.)

The contents of the egg scallion pancake thingy.

Shiny-faced me eats a pepper-meat-ball.

One liter of bubble tea. Or as the sign at the shop advertised: 1000 cubic centimeters!!!

The plastic cup was so big, not even Creepy Spider-Fingers herself could wrap her hands around it.

One of the awesome things about freshly-made drinks in Taiwan is that all of the shop owners have a device that seals the top of the drink with a sheet of thin plastic. This allows the drinks to be transported in any-which-way without spilling. Consequently the straws all have slanted pointy ends: you stab them into the drink, through the plastic 'lid' in order the drink.

Straw stabbing in action. Go!

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Mum said...

I like bubble tea but the size of that cup was ridiculous. It looks like lots of fun. But WOW! Let's talk about cultural immersion and shock on our first night in Taiwan!