Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pie Season

Big news: it's pie season in Canada.

I'm not sure what the scenery down in the States is looking like, but up here in Canada things are starting to look more yellow/orange/red than green.  Apples are also a dime a dozen right now.

The first pie of the season.  Alas, the Canadian Apartment is lacking in multiple necessary pie-items, such as a rolling pin and a pie plate.  So I had to buy a ready-made crust already stuck in a crappy aluminum pie pan.  

I suppose I should be all, "whatever," about it, but I like to make my own crust, even though I make a rather crappy crust, because I like to use the rolling pin.  It's the exercise you have to do before eating the pie, you know, to cancel out the sugar of the pie.

I love this wooly orange skirt.  I was all matchy-matchy with nature this week when I wore it.  Which reminds me, I'm also currently in the market for a yard, yard-and-a-half, of green felted wool fabric, FYI.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm, pie! I can't wait until I'm not diabetic any more! The trees here in Pittsburgh are just starting to look less green. It has been wonderfully cool and fall-like weather though, and it's supposed to get cooler this week. Big pregnant ladies like that.

Can't help you with the green wool...