Sunday, September 28, 2008

In Which I State, "Everyone Loves Chips and Salsa," in A Weak Attempt to Make Up for My Own Apathy

Flatmate Andrea was invited to a 'Girls' Night' hosted by one of her fellow PhD students.  She didn't want to go alone, fearing that all the others would be jerks, and so invited me along.  Okay.  The invite we received said we were supposed to each bring, "a bottle of wine and an appie".  I first misread this as, "a bottle of wine and an apple", and immediately though, "Oh, this will suck."

The event was casual (I assumed, as the use of the term 'appie' was clearly a casual slaughtering of a perfectly acceptable ordinary word) so I decided to dress casual.
1). jeans and hair in a ponytail
2). sneakers covered entirely in silver sequins
3). shirt Liang brought back from Taiwan (reading, "ALGEBRA is for Lourt" with a giant felt apple sewn into the middle) 

'Appie' wear for certain, I thought.  
(Sidenote: every time I write the word 'appie' I feel a little sick).

We walked in and my first thought was, "Oh. Crap. This is going to suck."  A pile of stilettos by the door and five other girls wearing fancy clothes and lots of make up and not a single ponytail, sitting at a table with candles and wine glasses and 'appies' like you get at gala museum exhibition openings.  And then two of the others were introduced to us as old sorority sisters, giggle giggle.

Oh!  And our 'appie' was a bag of Tostitos and a open, mostly full jar of salsa.  As I informed Flatmate Andrea, who is Hungarian, "Everyone loves chips and salsa."  What was I thinking?  Clearly I've been operating in a desperate world of graduate students, most of whom had former lives somehow in fine art, where it is totally fine if, after a long day/week/whatever, you bring chips and salsa in any state of openness.  In many ways, I prefer my world.

Final Thoughts:
The party was fine.  Everyone was pleasant, though it was nowhere near as much fun as a Kate party.  And I almost laughed out loud when pink champagne was brought out toward the end of the night.  I was like, "Seriously?  Pink champagne?  Champagne cocktails are so way classier."  This from the Girl Who Brought a Partially Used Jar of Salsa.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jess, step away those girls. You don't want to be sucked into that world. The open salsa and chips sound just fine to me. It did give me a chuckle though.

Jessica said...

I know... all I could think the whole time was, "this sort of people are not my sort of people. Where are my sort of people hiding?"

Michael said...

I found this story highly amusing, but the kicker was the bit about champaign cocktails. All I could think of was the movie blast from the past...

Eve: Here ya go, one champagne cocktail.
Adam: Oh, thank you.
Eve: I thought only hookers drank those things?
Adam: Well, I know Mom sure likes 'em.

It's a beauty flick, eh? Christopher Walkin rocks.

Ynn said...

How pretentious! Somehow, I imagined Canadians more like Ann Buggey-stuffed moose heart and flipper pie which does show my ethnocentricism. Pink champagne I can do without but I do like a Bellini or a nice mimosa.

Anonymous said...

I think that you were very brave and adventurous to go to the party. I am sure that you will eventually find your sort of people, but until then, enjoy your salsa and chips. Great story.