Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Long-Awaited Party

Nearly all of WUDPAC 2009 made the journey south to Ole' Virginy to see our own Bret and Emily (who is as good as a class member) reenact their wedding.  They had gotten married more than a year earlier, secretly, and not told anyone for months.  The reenactment also involved a huge party.  Of course.

Some classmates.  We all arrived early, the day before, to help decorate, pick up hundreds of bags of ice, and to start the party.

One fabulous thing about Bret's family's place is that you can catch a ride of the golf cart and zoom around the cows, peacefully grazing in the pasture.  In Cow Pasture Golf Cart Off-Roading, there is no speed limit.  One needs to hold on tight and not look the bull in the eye.  As we were told, "He's real mean."

Baby cow.   Clearly.

After spending almost two full years non-stop in one another's company, we are now being pushed out of Winterthur and into the world, all into Far-Apart Locations.  At the time of the Long-Awaited and Much-Anticipated Party, we could catch up on each other's summer projects, lives, new apartments and cities, and internship start dates.  Hopefully we'll be able to visit each other during the year!

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