Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Sky Country

As you may or may not know I have a co-intern at the National Gallery of Canada, the as-yet unphotographed Hye-Sung.  Hye-Sung is from one of the conservation school in Paris, the Pantheon-Sorbonne, where she is majoring in conservation of photographs and graphic arts.  Originally from South Korea, Hye-Sung speaks excellent French: she's just now learning English.

Since my French is practically at the same level as a 15-month old's, we have very stunted slow conversation in English.  This is okay, as she really wants to learn it, and really must, as she'll be interning in Rochester (NY), where nobody will speak French.

She is very nice, and I'm sure there will be photographs of subsequent joint adventures soon enough.  Today, completely out of the blue, we had this conversation:

Hye-Sung: Jessica.

Me: Yes?

Hye-Sung: Where is Montana?

Me: Montana?

Hye-Sung: Oui, Montana.

Me: In the North, near Canada.

Hye-Sung: Close to New York?

Me: Uh... no.  Far from New York, but next to Canada.  Nobody lives there.

Hye-Sung: (makes surprised sound, I realize she took my previous comment literally and is now wondering why the US has a state where nobody lives)

Me: People live there, just not many.  Lots of nature in Montana.  We'll look for a map of the US on the computer right after lunch, and I'll show you where Montana is, okay?

Hye-Sung: Sounds good.


Anonymous said...

Way to be an excellent cultural ambassador.

Ynn said...

Many people wonder "where is Montana?" and they are Americans.