Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On the Road Again... Again

I've only been back in the US a few days, half of which I spent on the road to/from Delaware/Virginia for school business/Bret's wedding reenactment.  Enough split thoughts in that sentence for you?  

I'm off again now, this time for a long stay in the Great White North of Canada.
A handy Map of Canada.  Observe the city with the capital letters: that's where I'll be.  North, but not too crazy-far north.


mamamia4859 said...

Hi Jessica, sorry we had to miss the bonfire event last week. We were at the Outer Banks visiting some friends. I missed seeing you. Talked with your mom last night and I plan on following your blog this year. I am sure that you will have another great adventure. Good luck.

Michael said...

We want Updates! Updates! Updates!