Friday, August 15, 2008


The plan for the next week is as follows:
Vienna (Austria)
Paris (France)
Burgundy region (France)
Normandy region (France)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Brockway (via Newark NJ and Pittsburgh)
I've really enjoyed my time here in Nederland, but it will be nice to be back in the land of fabric softener and the Glorious Free Public Library.  The computer may or may not be in use during this next week, but I'll put picture and whatnot of the various sights seen once I return home.  Maybe this will continue through my Future Canadian Adventures, though likely not as a daily event.  Surely there are lots of bizarre quirks in Canada that I can explore.


Ynn said...

Have fun globe-trotting and be careful out there. We liked the Kunsthistorisches in Vienna. I know you told us to go to the other one (The one that starts with an "A"), but they were featuring Monet and knowing Frank's opinion of van Gogh, I didn't need him announcing to the tour and Vienna in general that "Monet sucks!" We are all looking forward to your homecoming. Much, much love.

mamamia4859 said...

Bon Voyage! Enjoy your last few days sight-seeing and taking in the culture. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and looked forward to it each day. Have a safe trip "Semi-Globe-Trotting" and returning to Brockway.
Mary Ann

meu102 said...

I for one vote for a continuation of the blog in the Great White North. Those hosers need someone watching them. Lea says that you should take every opportunity of enjoying yourself and pretend that you're Julia Child while in France.