Friday, August 15, 2008


True story: this apartment is sweet, but our landlord is a tool.

During the telephone-interactions we had with him, way back in April, he seemed cool in a general-sort-of-inoffensive way.  Meeting up with him in Amsterdam, he seemed kind of neurotic.  This was confirmed, and we quickly learned that he was quite obnoxious.  This evening confirmed that he is indeed quite a tool.

Louise and I have been joking over the summer, "Wouldn't it be crazy if he just showed up early and moved all his stuff back in?  He totally would.  That's exactly what he would do."

This very night, after we had been walking around, enjoying our last night in Amsterdam, guess who shows up.  And asks us in a very snarky manner if we've been working hard.  That's right, the Tool Landlord.

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