Friday, August 8, 2008

Hieronymus and a Little Self-Awareness

(I couldn't save anything I wrote last night because the Blogger system was down - update or something - and I wanted to go to sleep instead of wait for it to come back online.)

Every time I walk past, I check to see if it is open.  Because if it is open, I'm going to go inside.

Just a little Bosch.  Think of it as your Daily Dose of Crazy.

And on a note of self-revelation, Friday night I was reminded how I really don't cope well with people who:
1). are in raptures about every single thing they do/see/etc
2). refuse to use maps and then wonder why they get lost
3). fail to carry out my instructions immediately after I give them

I'm just mean like that I guess.


Anonymous said...

Regarding your self-revelation, you and Kelly are kindred spirits. Also, sleep is definitely a priority.

Ynn said...

I'm enjoying the Daily Dose of Crazy. You always manage to make me smile.