Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Cologne Cathedral

Visiting them, you can totally understand how the medieval peons were wild to have them built.  They're absolutely breathtaking, and inside it would be cool and quiet and clean, some things I imagine medieval peons did not often encounter.

The site of the cathedral has been the site of some sort of Christian gathering place since the Roman Era, but the first incarnation of a 'cathedral' where scholars know what it looked like (there are extant contemporary drawings of it) was in 870.  The current structure, the Gothic cathedral we see today, was begun in 1248, consecrated in 1322, and only completely finished in 1880.  It was hit by 14 aerial bombs in World War II, but managed to survive mostly intact.

Patron Saints: Saint Peter and the Virgin Mary

This week's Cathedral Candle was brought to you by Saint Anthony.  Saint Joseph's candelabra was full, and Saint Anthony was nearby, even though I originally mistook him for Saint Francis (I thought the child in his arms was a sheep... my bad!).  But really, who doesn't love Saint Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost Items?  Always good.


Mum said...

If I'm not mistaken, St. Anthony is also patron saint of the poor and travelers in addition to lost items. So considering your financial status and your summer abroad, you made a good choice.

Ynn said...

I wore the St. Anthony (Frank calls him Antny) pin that you gave us last year all over along with Christopher. I figure d Christopher would keep us safe in our travels and Antny would keep Frank from getting us lost. Most of our candles were lit for Mary although we did get one for St. Francis in honor of all our beloved pets. The cathedrals there are so lovely and inspiring-so much "spirit" as opposed to our rather cold, modern churches here. Even the small churches we visited in St. Goar and Bacharach were testaments to the devotion of the builders and the faith of those there now.