Monday, August 4, 2008

Red Berries

The past few weeks Louise and I have noticed an abundance of these mysterious red berries for sale at the grocery stores and the markets in Holland.  At the markets the berries are not labeled, but at the Albert Heijn/Kaiser Wilhelm/Albrecht Durer they are simply given the mysterious moniker of Red Berries.

They look like Berries that You Shouldn't Eat, also known as Berries that Birds Eat.

Because the theme of this summer is I AMSTERDAM, I bought a small package of Red Berries this evening at the grocery.  Louise and I each ate two of them this evening.  They tasted like a) pomegranates and b) a slightly sour raspberry.  But mostly they tasted like Berries You Shouldn't Eat.  We're planning on comparing any side effects that we may experience sometime tomorrow.


Ynn said...

I saw a lot of those too. Germany, Switzerland. I thought they were currants, but haven't a real clue as to what they really are. Did they have seeds? They kind of look like chokecherries too, except not quite dark enough. Grandma used to make both current and chikecherry jelly-yummy.

Mum said...

These berries look a lot like currants. If they are, then we also have them here and they make a yummy jelly. When I was little Mrs. Lindholm, our next door neighbor, would pick the berries from bushes in our yard and make currant jelly. Check out red currants on google images and let me know what you think.

mamamia4859 said...

I don't claim to be an authority on "red berries" but they do resemble currants. My Aunt Sarah used to make a delicious jelly from the red berries and she called it "currant jelly.' She must have been friends with Mrs. Lindholm.