Friday, September 7, 2012

West Yellowstone, Montana

I was (and generally am still) not prepared for camping, let alone winter camping.  And I'm a bit of a miser sometimes.  So I headed out of Yellowstone Park and into West Yellowstone, Montana, to spend the night in a little hotel.  Pictured below, one of the main streets of West Yellowstone.
While in Montana, I took the opportunity to send a postcard to Paris (yes, in France) to a certain Mlle. Hye-Sung.  She had popped by Philly for a quick visit earlier in the summer when she was in the US, and when I told her I was actually going to Montana she was shocked!  When she and I had our original Montana conversation, I certainly never imagined that I would go there within the relatively near future.  But that's pretty much the story regarding most of my traveling...

This is the next morning, once I've passed into Yellowstone proper once again.  All the geothermal activity makes things start to look sinister right away.

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Mum said...

This is why it's called, "Big Sky Country." You really saw a lot of Yellowstone!