Thursday, September 6, 2012

Silly Buffles!

So I theoretically knew that there were a great number of buffalo in Yellowstone, wandering about.  And lo, there were more of those silly buffles than I could possibly have imagined!
There was one quite close by, picking at the sulfurous grasses near Old Faithful.  These pictured below are only a few of the massive numbers of buffles resting in fields.  Multiple fields, scores of buffles.
I also got to see a buffalo quite up-close.  Sitting in a bear-jam (when all the tourist stop their cars to gawk at some sort of wild animal relatively near to the roadway), trying to pick up a radio station (why don't rental cars come with ipod jacks?), I'm just hanging out waiting for the cars to start moving along. Everyone is photographing some nearby buffalo, but I'm cool, I've already got some photos of them.  

Then, one relatively little buffalo (which is still most of the size of my car) dashes to the side of the road, directly across from my passenger side window, and starts to maul a little pine tree alongside the road.  I do have the windows down, because it was pretty nice out, and the tree-mangling buffle is so close I can hear it's snorts and smell pine from the busted tree.  Worried that any camera-action might induce the buffalo to start mauling my car, I just sat there and tried not to make eye contact with it.  Then, after the tree was decimated, the buffalo ran around the car in front of me, and then galloped, snorting, down the left lane of the road.

Silly buffle!


Lea said...

Aww, our buffles have been hiding all summer. Maybe they'll be back this fall. BTW,the kids now tell me, "Those aren't Buffles. They are BUFFALO."

Jessica said...

Well, they are big kids now... :)

Lea said...

True. They will tell you all about how big they are!