Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mammoth Hot Springs

This was the first picture I took at the Mammoth Hot Springs.  Even now, I am amazed that I was the only person laughing (like a ten-year old) and taking a picture.  Mammoth Restroom. Ha!
Apparently the hot springs change on an unpredictable basis, and springs which were active for some time will suddenly stop flowing, and new ones will begin.  The rusty yellow/orange is a functioning spring: the grey is nonfunctioning.

Very ashy looking.
This boardwalk (of course, another boardwalk) was fabulous and took you way up from the valley.  The view kept getting better and better.

At one point, probably after the first time it started sort-of-raining, when I reached what was pretty much the highest points of the boardwalk, the photos started to turn fabulously and epically sinister.

C'est moi!

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