Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Grand Prismatic Spring

Bet you had no idea how many photos I had from only a few days.  And this is after culling the herd.

The first stop of my second day in Yellowstone was the Grand Prismatic Spring.  This sucker is the rainbow pool often photographed via helicopter, the better which to capture its rainbow hues. 

As a spring, it bubbles out superheated water which then moseys its way across extensive bacterial flats into a small stream nearby (see below).  
A few smaller springs, not nearly as prismatic as the Grand Prismatic one.
And here it is!  Steaming like mad!

Boardwalk apocalypse.

Unfortunately all of the steam meant that the colors were barely visible... however, I feel that the sinister nature of all my resulting photographs more than makes up for that.  And I'd far rather have visited on a chilly morning with a few others than with massive packs of people on a warm and colorful day.
This grizzly bear warning was posted next to the little parking area beyond the springs.  Like I need a warning to leave grizzly bears alone - dudes eat people!

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