Saturday, March 31, 2012

Silly Mountain, Again

So I made Dad go hiking with me on the Silly Mountain again this winter.  Going to Silly Mountain to go hiking with the Timmy means that you get to ride in the Arizona Jeep, which is red, and has plastic doors.  So when you 'roll down' the window, you actually unzip along the outside of the clear plastic part of the door.  It's really classy.
This year we went to the very highest parts.  This is a snap of the rest of the mountain, from one of the higher points.  You can see one of the trails zagging along.
We saw two survey markers, from a 1914 survey campaign.  And we saw the saw-off stub of a third survey marker.  Better how they don't get caught, of the U.S. General Land Office will have earned themselves a snappy $250 from the perpetrator.
Dad laughed and laughed, and specifically requested this memory be captured with my photographing machine.  If you can't tell, the sign says, "End of Trail."
The Superstition Mountains from the top of Silly Mountain.
Shadow-portrait.  Who goes hiking with a small clutch bag?  Yes.  Me.
This year Dad kept saying, "No Huff & Puff Trail this time!  You almost killed your old man last year!!!"  And I was all, "I don't know - I think we ended up on it by accident last year..."

Yes - you will end up on the Huff & Puff Trail by accident every year.  The Timmy looks pretty pitiful, but he made it in the end.

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