Monday, March 5, 2012

Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Again

Liang and Michael had a whirl-wind Arizona holiday: we started with a bang, heading off to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum to check out the range of plants that grown in the Southwest.  I like taking photos with my photographic machine, so these is a fair number.  Even though I was here last year too. Whatever.  I'm still fascinated by the desert because the plant life is just so extraterrestrial to me.

It was so sunny and lovely, and everything was bright green and pink.  I hadn't initially realized that I had dressed in early-spring desert camouflage.

Mum has been to the Arboretum so many times, she could be an Arboretum docent.

Liang, in desert gear.  Afterall, hats are as healthy as they are handsome...

The Timmy and the suspension bridge.
Pomegranates - growing!  On trees!  
This was some sort of succulent, which Liang, Michael, and I decided was growing a bunch of little teeny-tiny bananas.  If only that were true.

Not a fan of palm trees, but the Arboretum's mission statement includes having gardens from desert environments world-wide.
Some of my favorite plants - giant eucalyptus trees from Australia.  I like the way the light hits them, and the bark is lovely.

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