Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catching Cactus

I've been really preoccupied with work things: doing a really physical treatment project during the day, and then doing other professional stuff in the evenings.  Hence the long blogging pauses.

Everyone was sad after Michael and Liang returned to Pittsburgh, so Dad had us all go cactus-catching.

He uses 5-gallon buckets to assist in the 'catching,' so he's limited as to the size of the cactuses possibly to capture.  This is the back of the car, full of all his new little cactuses.  He's all into landscaping in Arizona, which is totally weird to me.
I found this little rock while cactus hunting.

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Lea said...

Well, it's official. Colin can never visit. We went to Phipps this weekend and the cactus room SO freaked him out, he had to climb up me and hide his face. I have no idea why. But now we know it's possible to be freaked out by cacti.