Saturday, March 3, 2012


One terrible-icky and cold (but not snowing, and therefore useless) January Friday, Val invited me to a Ravioli Making Lesson and Dinner and her neighbor Anthony's house.  Fun and laughs and ravioli = yes!

Val was in charge of the pasta-dough making, I was in charge of the filling (ricotta, mozzarella, panchetta, and a teeny bit of nutmeg), and Anthony took care of the sauce.  Val and I also prepped a salad.

Anthony rolls out the pasta as an initial demonstration.

Anthony giving Val direction on something.  It could be pasta-making, or it could be any number of other things.
Val gets into the forking, to tamp down the edges of the ravioli, so that the goodies inside don't bust out.  
We made oh-so-many!  It was glorious!

Amazing.  Just a little meat sauce, some grated parm.  Best dinner/lesson ever!

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Mum said...

The ravioli look delicious! I'm so impressed! They require a lot of time and work. I think they were even better because you made them with friends.