Friday, January 28, 2011

Philly Snowmen

Word went around work yesterday afternoon - check out the snow sculptures in Rittenhouse Square. I didn't make it there until the evening, after my yoga class.

There were dozens of classic snowmen. This was one of the tallest, and the most impressive.

Pregnant snowlady.

This cupid, which was tall as me, had a complex and impressive internal armature made out of twigs.

A huge and sprawling cuttlefish-type thing.

The best ones:

This pointy-spined monster was big enough that you could comfortably fit your entire head into its mouth.

Winner for Cutest Snow-Sculpture Ever = baby polar bead riding the frog sculpture.

Barely eight inches tall, this is a work of genius.


Lea said...

That's pretty cool....I won't tell you what Penn Staters used to build in the snow.,...well, probably STILL build.

DPLK said...

That last one reminds me of my little carved pumpkins and squashes running away in horror from the pumpkin-eat-pumpkin carnage in the background!

Jessica said...

Lea: I'm pretty sure I know what Penn Staters build in the snow... there was one of those in the park too, but I chose not to photograph is.

DPLK: I know! The last one reminded me of your pumpkin carnage too!

Mary Ann said...

Best use of snow I've seen yet!
By the way, talked to your mom and I learned that congratulations are in order. So proud of you but not surprised!

Judith said...

stunning pics.