Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doppelgänger Rug

For Christmas my grandma got me some crazy things.

1. Do-it-yourself funnel cake kit. With a red plastic oil-can-like funnel cake batter dispenser. Come visit me. Funnel cake will be made.

2. A little rug with Cordelia's doppelgänger on it.

She really likes sitting on it. The doppelgänger rug doesn't have a permanent place in the apartment yet: it kind of floats around near the paper/photo-conservation bookshelf.


Mum said...

Grandma says that why she got it for you. The kitty looks so much like Cordelia that you might think it was made from a picture. Of course Laura also got the same rug, unfortunately Beebop doesn't match the rug.

Lea said...

OOOO, funnelcakes. Michael will be ALL over that.

Mary Ann said...

Lovely kitty..lovely rug!