Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas and the Little Brother's Cunning Hat

This was the year for knitted gifts. Behold: the Little Brother received this Cunning Hat:

It's a copy of a Cunning Hat from the sci-fi show Firefly, of which the Little Brother is a big fan. I knew as soon as he opened the package that he would recognize it. Sure enough, he exclaimed, "What a cunning hat!" and then jammed it on his head. Late on Christmas Day he made us all watch that particular episode of Firefly so that Mum could truly understand the cunningness of the Cunning Hat. (Still of the tv show hat below.)

Crazy also bought himself a bow for Christmas. Luckily he had a nice warm hat for the wintertime target shooting.

People might knock Western PA for a number of things, but it is a really lovely place.

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Lea said...

I don't remember that episode! But, Jane is hilarious, so no doubt it was awesome. And, wait, who knocks Western PA???