Sunday, August 1, 2010

Taichung Streets, Taipei Eats

Last snaps of street views in Taichung.

On the way to catch the bullet train.

Bullet train! So nice and tidy and fast. As I'm photographing this, well behind the yellow caution line, Liang's Dad is repeating, "Be careful! Step back! Watch out!"

Hello to Taipei's Shilin Night Market!
It seemed like every possible streetmeat available could be found under this roof.

Blurry sausage wrapped in sticky rice in the foreground, Liang enjoying said treat in the middle ground, night market food stalls in the background.

Meat on a stick. Alas, inferior to what I had hoped: more like blocks of fat on a stick.

Freshly made wonton soup?

The stuff of which dreams are made.


Lea said...

So HUNGRY! Sausage wrapped in sticky rice sounds awesome and you just can't beat wonton soup! So, did you do anything besides eat....not that there's anything wrong with that.

Jessica said...

There was so much good food, it was unreal. But then that shouldn't be a surprise, as Liang is a foodie person.

We did do some non-eating things, and more of those pictures are coming up. I don't think I have many, or any, "And then we ate these!" pictures left. :)

Mary Ann said...

I am loving your blog! The food is making me hungry too! You certainly have had some very unique experiences!

Mum said...

That wonton soup looks so much hardier than what I've had. Everything looks delicious.