Thursday, August 26, 2010


The Centre employs mostly women: that's just how the field of conservation is these days. It can occasionally feel a little middle-schoolish, when personalities clash, but most of the time things are smooth sailing.

So it should come as no surprise that one day back in the Paper Section we ended up talking about shoes. Most of the paper conservators actually have small feet, but, mutant that I am, my feet are the smallest.

At this point in the conversation, one of the paper conservators (Sam) disappears beneath her bench, rummages around, and emerges with a pair of shoes. Turns out that she has a shoe-purchasing problem. Even if the shoes are a size too small for her, she buys them anyway, hoping that they will fit. She wears them once, is uncomfortable, and sadly pushes the shoes to the back of her closet.

Until now. Now she is pushing the shoes toward me. Which is totally awesome for me!

I came in to work on day, and these were sitting on my chair.

Sam is a serious swing dancer. Her dancing partner gave her a pair of shoes last year for a birthday present: they were too small, so he got her a second (properly fitting) pair. However, since he is a man-child, he never returned the too-small ones. A year later, he's cleaning his apartment and finds them. Too late to return them! Sam scoops them up, and they find their way to my little feet. Thanks for being irresponsible, Man-Child Paul!


Mum said...

Yeah shoes! What size are the ones with ruffles? I have small feet too and just might want to borrow them!

Lea said...


Mary Ann said...

Love the shoes and the story that went with them. You know what they say, "If the shoe fits, wear it"!

DPLK said...

Aw man, cute flats. I need to learn how to either 1)find flats I can actually wear without them flopping off my feet, 2)stop buying flats that are too big for my feet, or 3)learn how to walk with flats properly.

I have some flats that are too big for me, do you want to try them? I will totally give them to you if you can wear them. They are too cute to donate to the Goodwill. And I have the opposite problem as your co-worker--I often buy shoes too big hoping they will work, but inevitably they don't.

Jenn said...

I love.. love ... love shoes.