Friday, August 6, 2010

Doughnut Disection

Can you tell she's going to be a doctor (doctor)? Such glee!

In Taiwan, Mister Donut is the place to get doughnuts. (Am I some type of doughnut connoisseur? Timmy Hortons in Canada, Mister Donut in Taiwan... what next?) They are quite different that American or Canadian doughnuts, being much chewier and more... resilient. Liang is pictured dissecting some hapless creme-filled teddy bear head.


DPLK said...

The ones you and Lena had were, I think, mochiko (glutinous rice flour)-laden, and so had that chew factor. The ones I had, the French cruller style and the creme-filled bear, were both more normal style donuts.

Mmm, speaking of donuts, a Dunkin Donuts finally opened in Pitt campus area. Finally. NOW it's a legitimate college campus.

Mum said...

It looks like Liang's excited about this doughnut. I am amazed by the amount and variety of foods that you tried on a one week trip.

DPLK said...

I am my father's father being the quintessential "here, try this!" food ambassador! I had a pretty well-formed agenda of the foodstuffs to hit up on this trip, and I think we pretty much covered it all. Barely within our tolerance for volume of food, though. Any more and I think we may have been close to exploding.