Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day! Or, if you're a Francophone, today is the Fete du Canada! This is Canada's national day, celebrating the July 1st, 1867 enactment of the British North America Act. This united Canada as a single country: at the time, this Canada had only four provinces.

Even is celebrating! That friendly Mountie will help you find the answers to your questions, eh?

The day was really hot and the city was full of tourists, so I really didn't partake of the festivities during the day. It also rained during the middle of the afternoon. By the time the evening rolled around, a few hours before the fireworks, the weather was absolutely perfect.

It was also the perfect opportunity to break out the Canada temporary tattoos. Hungarians Benjamin and Andrea display their Canada-pride.

I had a larger maple leaf of my other arm, but felt that these little ones made me look strong.

Walking to Parliament Hill to catch the fireworks, looking down the Rideau Canal.

The three of us met up with Valentine, yet another Central European (Romanian this time).

This is a much more accurate representation of the three of them. Valentine talking and trying to push everyone around, Andrea telling Valentine that he's being stupid, and Benjamin looking at Valentine like he is crazy.

The War Memorial in Confederation Square.

Up along Wellington Street across from Parliament Hill, waiting for the fireworks to start.

An enormous stage was set up in front of Parliament and various musicians and dancers were performing all day. I had no idea who most of the performers were, but when we arrived, Sarah McLaughlin was singing. That was great, but it was difficult to hear her over the noise of the gathered Canadians. Some drunk college kid behind us periodically kept yelling, "I love Canada! I'm so glad I'm Canadian! Canada is the best country ever!"

Fireworks! (Interesting note: the Canada-themed umbrella was actually one of those umbrella-hats).

Most of the fireworks were red and white. Go Canada! After the fireworks, all of the people on Parliament Hill spontaneously started singing "O Canada".


Ynn said...

Sounds awesome! Fireworks at Parliment must have been beautiful. Our big day is coming-then we canbe "Proud to be an American."

Mary Ann said...

I could really relate to the description of Canada Day since the Moms traveled to Canada! Fireworks at Parliment must have been quite spectacular.