Tuesday, July 14, 2009

America's Birthday: Gun Range

Hye-Sung specifically but jokingly requested, during her time in the Wilds of Pennsylvania, to shoot a gun.

She was astounded when I responded, "Oh yeah. Can do. No problem."

Luckily for her, my family has permanent ties to the NRA, so we were able to head off to the local gun range for a nice quiet Pennsylvania afternoon.

Human-shaped targets. (I like their jaunty poses.)

A poster hanging in the picnic shelter at the gun range: "Make Shooting A Family Affair."

The Dads (the Timmy and Tank, and I suppose Michael can now be added to this category as well) gave the regular safety lecture. Safety glasses and ear protection were passed around.

The Little Brother gives instructions to Hye-Sung.

She's a Real American now.

This spent bullet wouldn't come out of the gun, and so the Little Brother just whips this crazy knife out of his pocket and pries it out. Hye-Sung and I were both like, "What just happened?" and I was like, "Who are you?" and then we made him put the bullet back into the gun and reenact the knife-prying so that we could photograph it.

Crazy Little Brother, shooting all serious-like and whatnot.

Me - not so serious.

Hye-Sung had a great time.

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