Thursday, July 9, 2009


So the annual Ottawa Bluesfest is a big two-week concertpalooza: multiple stages with several simultaneous concerts. And despite the name, not all the musicians play the blues. For example, I believe that 'Ice Cube' is playing sometime during the next few days, and I'm willing to bet that he doesn't play the blues.

I've had a ticket to tonight's Bluesfest since tickets went on sale way back when... because Iron & Wine was playing. (I'll probably pick up one or two more tickets before the end. We'll see.)

Iron & Wine is a guy and an acoustic guitar and is really fantastic. Going to the show was totally worth it. Even with the muddy flip-flopped feet it was totally worth it. I have no idea where the giant Hawaiian shirt came from: it had nothing to do with Iron & Wine. I have the feeling that a previous act just left it there, or something. Won't they be sorry when they get to where they're going and they go to hang that sucker up and it's not there anymore.


Lea said...

I like Iron and Wine as well. Glad you enjoyed it!

Mum said...

Today as I cleaned house I put on the Iron & Wine cd that you made for me. I was trying to get into the Bluesfest spirit. I think I would rather have been in Ottawa.