Friday, July 10, 2009

America's Birthday: Parade

My little hometown of Brockway really does up the Fourth of July... and since Hye-Sung has never experienced this most American of festivals, I invited her back to Pennsylvania with me for, as she termed it, America's Birthday. To add awesome to awesome (which, to those who remember their Algebra 1 lessons, is possible), Liang and her Michael (as opposed to Colin& Gillie's Michael) also came up from Pittsburgh to partake of the festivities. And brought fabulous baked goods with them!

The parade is mostly firetrucks. So imagine this times nine and you've pretty much experienced most of the event. Minus the sirens.

St. Tobais' own Deacon Bob, leading a herd of tractors (all John Deeres).

These people dress like the Ingalls Family and shoot muskets into the air.

This portapotty is a float.

Liang and I, during one of the pauses between firetrucks.

This was some crazy hellfire-and-brimstone truck. Note the awesome homemade paint job that it is sporting.

Yes. This is for real.

This was unanimously the absolute favorite. The text says, "Do not get drunk on wine for this leads to dabacery [sic] / Wars are a punishment from God for sins / I'm afraid of what the scientists carry with them (knowledge) / Those who will not remember their history lessons are doomed to repeat them / And now I have become death." From the misspellings to the misquotings, I'm not sure which part is my favorite.

Bird is like, "Did that thing really just drive by or was there something funny in those popsicles they just passed out to the crowd?"

Waiting for the fireworks to begin.

The Timmy and Bird. The Timmy always looks like this (ie plotting Mr. Burns).

Liang and Michael.

Fried dough!

It's not Canada Day, but since I had to stand in a jam-packed crowd to see the Canada Day fireworks, whatever!


Mum said...

It was the BEST 4th of July I have enjoyed in years! It was fun having family and friends in town to picnic. The parade was an embarrassment (as usual) and the fireworks ended the day with the perfect BANG!

DPLK said...

Woo! Fried dough! I need to send you the picture I took of the actual Funnel Cake/Fried Dough truck, hehe.

We had an absolutely-freaking-awesome-cool time!! Thank you so much for inviting us to join in the family fun. We just might need to come back on a yearly basis, hehe...if schedules allow, of course.

I'm soooo glad you liked the brownies =P Michael is pretty much completely spoiled on those brownies, he'll never eat another boxed mix brownie again. To be fair, though, I went all out on the chocolate in those, so it's pretty high caliber. I need to try some cocoa-based brownies to see if I can find some recipes that resemble boxed brownies in the chewiness aspect.

Mary Ann said...

Good old Brockway 4th of July! The parade is certainly an embarrassment, but we just keep coming back for more! It is great to see friends and relatives and be festive.

Ynn said...

These photos make me sorry that I gave the parade a pass. The dabachary float would have made the day perfect! But it was a practically perfect day in evety way-family, friends, fun and the blossoming of an International romance!BTW, Tank and I miss you...we are at Rehoboth with the babies. You'd really enjoy Gillie or Madam Explorer as we call her. She loves the sand and the surf. Colin loves the sand but is not quite sure of the ocean.