Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Actuality

This is probably the most incoherent thing ever to have been written about a wedding.  But that's just how it goes.

David and Mercedes' long-awaited wedding was a week from yesterday.  It was a really long weekend - what with entire days spent in the car driving to/from the Great White North - but was also really fantastic.  Activities not only included the baking and eating of the armadillo cake (see Armadillo Cake 2.0) but also cookouts and dancing and Paesano pizza eating.

The girl half of the wedding party was at a local salon at the crack of dawn to have our hair done.  

I always wonder, why, for somebody with hair that curls nicely on its own, do hairdressers still comb it frizzy, hairspray it, curl it on a curling iron, and then hairspray it again?  It will totally do that on its own - no need to worry about the curl falling out, because it won't happen - and it makes so much more work.  And then my head feels like concrete for the rest of the day.

Mercedes really had the best hair.

And in the break between the hair events and the actual wedding, we went to the Tastee Freez!  Look how excited Beth is!  That excitement is totally justified.

The babies also made an appearance.  This is before the wedding, in the room the bride and her maids hang out in, getting ready.  You can see how lovely Mercedes looked here... I don't actually have any during-wedding photographs of anyone.  Naturally.  Check out C&G's blog for those

Post-wedding.  Photo by Mum. 


DPLK said...

Whoa, that's the most revealing dress I've ever seen you wear! looking good!

Ynn said...

You look absolutely beautiful in that dress! And Michael didn't even fuss about a lack of undergarments. You must be growing up!

Lea said...

Michael is much too concerned about what his daughter wears now. He has given up on Jessica.

Jessica said...

Poor Lil'Bean - she's not even 1 year old and Michael is fussing about what she is wearing.

Mercedes said...

all of you looked amazing in that dress!!