Tuesday, June 9, 2009

(there is no damage, never was)

One of my fellow interns (Christine) at the ThinkTank is a poet - when she's not a conservator - I'm not sure which activity is her secret life.  If she is a poet who fixes books to pay the bills, or a conservator who is a closet poet.  Either way, several of her pieces have recently been published in an anthology and last night was a celebratory reading and book launch.  All of the ThinkTank interns (I think there are seven of us now) went to show our support.  It was held in a little bar-ish place.  The event began with an open mic - several grad student poets read things they've been working on - and then after a brief interlude the four featured readers were the anthology authors.  Christine was the final poet, and we all agreed that her work was the best -both in terms of reading and writing - and also that her work received the best reception from the audience.

Fellow Intern: Poet Christine

She gave us interns a shout-out and a wink during her set, reading a piece titled 'Restoration' as one of her several selections (which is also in the anthology Dalhousie Blues - typeset by Christine - buy it if you can find it to buy).

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Mum said...

What a great PR picture! Christine looks beautiful. It sounds like a good time and I bet her poems were the best. Congratulations to her!