Sunday, June 7, 2009

Armadillo Cake 2.0

David specifically requested a bleedin' armadillo groomscake for the rehearsal dinner.  A' la' Steel Magnolias.  And since I had made one for Michael, I figured I could make one for David too.

Check out that grey icing.

I modified an aluminum pan to make an armadillo body shape.  Mum was amazed.

This is quite disturbing, actually - it looks like a victim of Evil Willow.  The body of the armadillo is constructed from red velvet cake, adhered together with red-tinted icing.  This is obviously before it's grey skin icing has been applied.  


Yes. It has x's for eyes.

1 comment:

Ynn said...

In all liklihood, this is the most awesome armadillo cake ever baked! Delicious,too. There is still a "flank" in my refrigerator. We consumed cookies last night and I sent your Mom home with wedding cake! It was a special, beautiful weekend. You should kinow, though, that your Dad is still fuming that he was served the armadillo's butt!