Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grocery Store Jackpot

I found these at the local Loblaws grocery store this morning.  And then I quickly realized that they needed to become mine.  Observe the center temporary tattoo, it's the gem of the whole collection: Canada, eh!  That alone makes it work the $1.99 that I spent.

Bird better watch out, because as soon as I get a envelope these will fit in, one sheet will be headed his way!  I'd send some to Colin and Gillie too, but I fear they would give Colin a rash.

Post floor-mopping kitchen-cleaning self-portrait.  What's that?



Lea said...

Poor little rash man. They would just try to eat them anyway!! Very cool though.

Ynn said...

I've always wanted a tatoo... even if it's temporary. Frank is totally opposed to body art. Maybe when I come to visit, I'll find some of those!