Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Ferry into Picton, Appropriately Colored!

Ah!  These photos are from the point after which I realized the white balance was not right.
Passing the ferry headed in the opposite direction, from Picton to Wellington.

Having safely and easily arrived in the South Island, we picked up our suitcases and our rental car.  We ended up with an adorable little silver thing, who will feature heavily in future stories.

All three of us were registered as drivers, though in reality Rachel would be the consistent navigator and the driving would alternate between Katie and I.  So, I was the first one behind the wheel, which was located on the right side of the car.  

Other conservators had arrived for holidays prior to the conference, and had rented cars.  Their advice to us was essentially, "You'll be fine - just ignore your instincts."  Which was right.  You'd be laughing, ready to turn, and whoops!  Hit the wind shield wiper toggle instead of the turn signal...

We practiced by taking a short turn around the parking lot.  All was successful, so we headed out into the world!  

Directly to a grocery store, to stock up our Mobile Pantry!
Illicit Venom.
Puppy Food.  If I had a puppy, I would feed it this exact food, because I would have this exact puppy.  This brand's adult dog food had an adult black lab on it, and an older dog food with a white-muzzled black lab on it.  Sold.  I'd buy this for my (hypothetical) black lab.  Advertising win.
I wouldn't fee this to any puppy of mine.  What's the 'meat' component in all of these different flavors?
Sanitarium makes a huge range of foodstuffs for people: it must be like the Kraft of New Zealand.  They make this repulsive yeast-based spread called Marmite, a New Zealand version of Vegemite, that goes on toast and stuff.  Sanitarium and Marmite have been in the news recently: the one Marmite factory in Christchurch was damaged by the big earthquake, so there had been massive shortages, and Kiwis were depressed.  But!  The shop is finally up and running: read it here!

But man, Sanitarium.  Non-ideal name selection!
Okay, more dog food.  It was just so funny!  Click on it and read the names, and try not to laugh.  
Hound Log.  Dog Roll.  Wag.  Bruno.
Apparently they also make them for people.  Codename: luncheon.
We tried to get Rachel to purchase some Tofu Luncheon, but it kind of did look like a roll of vomit...

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