Wednesday, March 27, 2013


New Zealand is all about ferns.  Specifically the silver fern.  Check out the image below.  It's the International Symbol for New Zealand (I'm making that up).  But in real life it is a self-selected symbol of New Zealand, especially for their international athletic teams.  Because the whole place is covered in ferns.  See this list of ferns in New Zealand: thanks for the link, Te Papa!
This is at the top of the South Island, and probably half of the plants in this picture are ferns.  Little ferns, giant ferns, ferns that look like trees, ferns that look like animals.  If you told me that every plant in this photograph was a fern, I would believe you.
Fern that look like trees.  This was shot with the photographing machine pointed straight up into the air.
I don't even know what this is, so I bet it's a fern.  Some sort of weird, weird prehistoric-type fern.
When I made this photograph, I thought it was just cool-looing moss, but it might be a strange mossy fern.
Dried fern, or fern that is supposed to look like this?  I don't know!  It wasn't crunchy like you'd expect a dead fern to be...
Giant tree ferns!

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