Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yellowstone, East Gate

Immediately in Yellowstone, like barely a couple yards.  Notice: minimal snow.

Heading into higher elevations.
Snow, through some very high pass.  I had doubted about the gate being closed, thinking all, "Whateves, I've driven several times on Interstate 81 through blizzards on the way to Canada."  This was a similar snow-situation, though I-81 is not on the edge of a mountain, which does add a bit more interest to the drive.  And instead of my trusty Green Car, I had some sort of weak-engined rental Dodge-thing.

To the right, you can kind of see the edge of the snow drift that needed to be cleared in order for cars to drive through.  It was Death-Star trench quality.

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Mum said...

The amount of snow between these pictures and the previous posting is amazing. I'm so glad you waited to drive to the East Gate. Even if you've had experience driving on snow.